About Us

If you are looking for cheap hair cut or color, cut & color smart is the best!. Our experienced hair stylists and unique operating systems will offer you high-speed professional services with surprisingly low price. You can save your time and money while enjoying high-quality cut & color.
All of our staffs have over 10-year carrier as professional hair stylists. We have 3 hair salons, which are all spacious and comfortable. Whole process is efficient and friendly.
Appointments can be made either on the net or on the phone.

Services / Prices

Lady's and Men's Hair Cut

(No Shampoo)

1870-2000 yen


Lady's and Men's Hair  Color

(with Shampoo, no Blow Dry)

2200-5500 yen


Each salon has its own prices. Please refer to each booking system. 


It takes about 20 minutes for haircut and 30 minutes for color.

Cash payment only.

Booking on the Net

You can book an appointment on the net.
→ Go to the Booking Site
(Sorry, all written in Japanese)

Customers without reservation are also welcome, although you might have to wait for a little while.

Our Challenge

"What can we do for the next generation?" Our business started from this question. We, the founders of cut & color smart, have long experiences as top management consultants and decided to become one of the first businesses in service sector that successfully improve productivity.
We chose hair salons to start. There are more than 200,000 salons in Japan, most of them are small family businesses. Their salary is far below the average Japanese. Big reason to challenge. But how? We found out there were no salons where busy women can save their time and still enjoy high-quality service. People had to spend half a day at ordinary salons, or wait for hours at cheap cut salons.
We found a chance in quick hair salon services for women, and produced operation systems far more efficient than usual salons.That is
cut & color smart. A lot of women are busy working outside while doing most of housework and child-raising at the same time. If we make them happy through our new type of services, that will improve productivity of this business, which is, we believe, what we can do now for the next generation.